The safe is intended for storage of money, valuables and documents. Of course, it is safer to use deposit boxes, but it is not always convenient and this service is quite expensive. Therefore, the safes are installed in apartments and private homes.

There are two basic types of safes — burglarproof and fire-resistant safes. There is a third type of safes which is burglar-proof and fireproof at the same time.

Burglar-proof safes protect valuables from break-ins and thieves. If the house has alarm, which prevents thieves in the house, it is best to pay attention to fireproof safes. These safes protect valuables from fire.

Consider each type separately.

Fireproof safes are made of steel. Between the steel there is a material that can withstand fire. The safe door can be closed tightly and do not allow the open flame to come in. There are several models of fire resistant safes. Each model withstands a certain temperature of the fire. For the home is more likely to purchase safes of model of 60B. These safes can accommodate a standard size paper, they are small in size and weigh 40 kg, they can withstand any level of fire.

All fireproof safes as well as burglar-proof ones are labeled. They consist of letters and numbers. The letter indicates the type of values stored in the Deposit box, and the time during which the values will remain untouched by the fire.

Burglary safes are made of steel. Between the steel sheets there is reinforced concrete. There are several classes of safes. Each class differs in the number and quality of the locks, thick steel sheets and strength of the concrete layer. This safe is larger in size and weight. It is set it on the floor and additionally fastened with anchor bolts. It is impossible to carry out this work without installs experts. Read more about the classes of burglary safes and types of safes that are available here.

There are safes that combine fire and burglary protection at the same time. Data safes have the highest degree of security. At the same time they protect valuables from fire and thieves. These safes are heavy and expensive in cost. They belong to the class of burglar and fireproof safes.

There are safes that are small in size and light. They will be easily installed in any kind of the furniture. It is mainly used for storage of small amounts of money and documents. Unfortunately, it’s easy to hack.

The most important rule when buying a safe is that it is not worth saving. According to the recommendations of experts, the price of the safe should be at least 1/5 of the value of the things that it stores. The more expensive the safe is, the higher the degree of its reliability will be.