Buyers of safes have a completely different target – they strive to protect their valuable property from encroachments and accidental damages.

Thus, securities, documents, and money owners solve the problem of security of jewels with the help of fireproof and hacking safes. The first can prevent damage to the property by the fire element. The second securely protects the savings of owners from robbers.

 In the modern market, there are various proposals concerning the choice of burglary safes.

However, we will get acquainted with its criteria in order to make the right choice:

  • The first criterion is common for safes of all kinds, and this is reliability. The burglar safe is obliged to have a degree of protection that will not allow outsiders to penetrate inside and cause damage or steal its contents. The distinctive feature of its design is responsible for preventing unauthorized hacking of such safes.
  • So, hacking safes are equipped with deadbolt locking systems that enhance the working reliability of the lock, technically being its continuation. The lock and the deadbolt of this safe are intentionally protected from the toughening and beating. The thickness of the safe walls and the overall thickness of the door exceed the same indicators in other types of safes. In addition, burglar safes are usually equipped with a reinforced front panel.

The main characteristic of the reliability of such safes is just a burglary resistance, determined by the tests undertaken by developers. There is a direct dependence between the level of hacking resistance and class, weight, and cost of safe. The higher the first indicator is, the higher the class of safe, its weight and cost will be.

Often safes have a 3-third-party deadbolt locking system, protection from toughening and embossing, lock protection from toughening, thickened front panel, sidewalls and door, and filling design with electronic code lock at more expensive models. The distance between the walls of the sexes of this series in more complex and expensive designs is filled with patented concrete, in turn containing materials of increased density. Therefore, these boxes, without doubt, meet all the requirements of the safety of the safes of this category.

The dimensions of such safes vary, of course, from 20 cm – in height and 26 cm-wide (such safe with the above characteristics will cost about 4 thousand UAN) to 46 cm in height and 44 cm – long. The more expensive the safe is, the more likely it will be that there are shelves and cash boxes inside. The safes have got an anchor clamping. The anchor bolt provides it.

 Parameters of burglary safes

The sizes of safes begin with parameters: 28 cm-in height and 35 cm – wide. The safe is rectangular, stretched horizontally, the boxing has got a light gray color, which has a modern design. The safe has a key lock and one built-in shelf.

A slightly height-stretched gray rectangle of the safe is the highest quality model of the safe. This safe is equipped with an electronic code lock.

Аibrous concrete is used as a protective coating of the safes. Most of the safes of this manufacturer were developed as built-in. These boxes intended to prevent unauthorized access to their content have an anchor mount to the floor, however, as well as the Valberg safes.

Safes have certification for resistance to bribery, which is why they will surely protect your material values. The issue of preservation of property in safes is solved.