A wall safe is mainly intended to ensure the safety of:

  • important documents,
  • small quantities of cash,
  • securities,
  • company prints, stamps and other objects, which are not intended to be stored in the desk drawers at home. The home safes for documents often have a small tracer compartment (cash) with a separate key for storing small valuables.

Wall-mounted safe

A wall safe is a safety and security of your values, which combines the reliability of installation and the possibility of its comfortable use.

Wall safe conforms perfectly with the idea of the ​​safe storage of valuables, as it has high burglar resistance parameters and allows you to mask the structure well, hiding her from the prying eyes while leaving open the possibility of fast and unhindered access to it. Moreover, high burglar resistance characteristics of the wall-mounted safes are achieved through the use of a protective layer of metal (up to 10 mm), key, electronic or combination mechanical locks of high security and special fasteners for wall mounting.

Such safes are installed in the room wall. Their doors can be removed during installation for ease of mounting, moisture protection, and safety of the sensitive product information (for example, so that installers don’t have access to the lock during installation). The structure is intended for the long term, and an important point here is the presence of a high-quality warranty and post-warranty service. This is one of the main reasons why it is better to buy the wall safe in our online store.

Wall safes with a combination lock are mainly used to store money, valuable documents, and jewelry. We also offer products with a key lock and a mechanical combination. To divert the attention of potential burglars, we additionally install a bait safe, putting it in a more prominent place.

Before buying such a wall safe, you need to ensure the reliable protection of the structure from the other side. The safe is installed in the bearing wall or a wide enough wall that complies with all the necessary strength criteria.

Criteria for selecting a safe before purchasing

Before buying the wall safe, you need to determine its appointment, method of application, intended contents, and location. The wall safe in the house can be installed both in the furniture and in the separate elements of the interior, reliably secured with the anchor bolts to the wall or floor. Moreover, a wall safe can be built into a wall or floor. With the right choice and correct installation, it provides reliable protection of documents and other valuable items.

A wide assortment of the wall safes is offered online. The main advantages of these products are their:

  • excellent operational characteristics
  • quality
  • durability
  • compact sizes
  • large selection of models
  • the high degree of security and burglar resistance
  • masking ability.

Choose the wall safes which have successfully passed European certification and are now rightfully considered the first products of this type certified in Europe, which confirms the compliance of products with the European safety standards.