You should pick the best choice for a home safe, not will not only hinder the breaking of the safe, but will also make it convenient for you to use it daily, on the basis of the following recommendations.

Place a gun safe in your bedroom

If you are constantly at work, you are out all day and you come home in the evening, the bedroom is the place in the house where you spend the longest period of time. Equip a gun safe in the room where your bed is, and weapons will always be in easy reach.

Install the lock, hook or latch on the door of your bedroom, close the door at night, and the sudden night intruders in your home will not block you access to the weapon.

Place the gun safely in the hallway

The convenience of the location of the safe deposit box at the front door is due to the rapid availability of weapons in case if you find that suspicious strangers knock at it, breaking into the front door, or criminals who chase you to the house, or unexpectedly push you in your apartment when you open the front door with keys from outside.

Equip in hallway gun safe with electronic combination lock, and the weapon will be in your hands within a few seconds after you realize the presence of danger.

The disadvantage is that in the case of the secret intruders through the front door, you will be cut off in your home safe with a gun.

Place the gun safe in the hallway

The convenience of the location of the safe in the hallway due to the fact that the safe will always be on the road where you walk, i.e. under arms, and under the constant supervision of everyone who moves through the housing.

For example, if you or your children, often have large parties with a lot of unfamiliar friends of friends, and among the invited guests there can be people in the reliability of whom you are not fully sure, it will be quite difficult to manipulate the safety deposit box located in the hallway, where there are a lot of different people.

The disadvantage is that when you need to open the safe, its contents will be in the eyes of those who are in the corridor, i.e. it is impossible to secretly make daily use of personal safe, which reduces the sense of mystery and romance of owning a gun safe.

Place the gun safe in the bathroom or toilet

The convenience of the location of the gun cabinet in the bathroom or toilet is due to the fact that you won’t call anybody’s slightest suspicion, if at any time you want to use the safe. The full mystery of use of your personal safe is provided automatically by the location of the safe, which dramatically differs from the similar location of the safe in the corridor for all to pass. In addition, the safe is surrounded with fire-proof surfaces, which further will save its contents in case of fire.

The disadvantage is that your safe will be easily and indefinitely accessible to outsiders for the purpose of discreet break even in the presence of you in the house if your safe is detected the attackers, pretending to be your guests or visitors. In addition, if the safe is fixed on the floor, there will be a chance that it will be flooded in case of an accident or blockage.