The market offers today the best biometric gun safes for the storage of at least 2 guns and with a division for the cartridges. All safes can also be used as a standard home or office safes for storing documents of A4 format, money, and other values.

Biometric weapons safes are divided into the following categories:

  • low cost safe for guns;
  • hacking safe for guns;
  • firearms for guns;
  • a safe box for the gun for armory rooms.

You can also buy biometric weapons safes in modifications with electronic and key locks. According to requirements for separate storage of cartridges, safe is equipped with a trailer. Buying a weapon safe of such a size, you can comfortably store documents of A4 format and not only.

 Characteristics of biometric gun safes

Series: GP, HG, FS, R, S, L

Number of weapons: from 2

Weight, kg: from 5 to 300

Lock type:

  • Key.
  • Electronic code lock.
  • Biometric

Multilateral action systems with active rotating deadbolts (depending on the model)

An interesting solution of the biometric weapons safes series with a thickness of 5 mm door with a biometric lock. Electronic lock and powerful lockable box, as well as lack of key, allows greater storage safety. The safe sizes allow storing documents besides guns, money, and other values.

The most reliable among the best biometric weapons safes is a burglar safe with a biometric lock. This is a safety safe for a weapon with a protective layer of a concrete thickness of 25 mm. The thickness of the metal door layer is 10 mm.

If you wish to protect weapons, documents, and values from fire, we recommend you buy biometric gun safes with a fire resistance of 30 minutes equipped with a key or electronic lock. It also has a lockable box, and internal dimensions allow you to store documents in the folder size of up to 320 mm.

Best weapons safes with biometric lock

There are cheap safes, for example, a biometric gun safe. First of all, there is an interesting ratio of its low price and quality. Of course, these safes do not even match the safes of the 1 class and more serve to protect family members from accident, but thus you get a certified safe for a gun and guarantee from the manufacturer. However, it is worth noting that their small size does not allow to store documents comfortably. These safes are used for small guns and cartridges to them.

Manufacturers of the best biometric gun safes produce their items with the use of European technologies using components from the leading world techniques. Moreover, they often have their own laboratories for testing for better quality control of our products. As a result, you can buy the best biometric gun safes receiving an official warranty and a vast service from the manufacturer.