Small jewelry safes for home are the tiny structures. They are easily installed in the furniture, reliably anchored to the floor or wall. Moreover, it can be placed separately. In this case, it will become a welcome complement to the interior of a house or apartment. A small safe is easy to use – you can put money, personal documents of a small format, and other valuable things or objects that need to be hidden from unauthorized persons or young children.

Small jewelry safes for home are available with key, mechanical, and electronic locks. Small jewelry safes for home, which have the most affordable price, usually come with a lever tumbler lock. However, the best solution would be to buy a mini safe with an electronic lock that has special functions for different user groups. Anyway, buying a small safe for the house means to ensure secure storage and reliable protection of your valuable items.

What else is worth paying attention to?

After choosing small jewelry safe for the home according to the size, installation method, and type of lock, you should also consider some nuances:

  • Absence of visible defects. The equipment must fully comply with the parameters specified in the documents.
  • The presence of a certificate issued according to the laboratory test results and confirming the characteristics declared by the manufacturer.
  • Terms of warranty and post-warranty service. Anybody can lose a key or forget a password. In such cases, you will need professional help.

If you prefer to keep large amounts of money, weapons, jewelry, and documents at home, you just need such equipment. It will protect all values not only from the intruders but also from the direct fire exposure. With a competent approach and consideration of the personal requirements, you will make the right choice of your home safe.

Burglar-resistant safes must guarantee a stable resistance to various kinds of tools, which are used during testing. You can hack the product partially (by making a hole) or fully (by opening a door). The number of resistance units affects the duration of hacking – the higher it is, the longer the intervention.

The burglary resistance of the safe is attributable to:

  • One-piece metal construction without the through holes.
  • The thickness of the door and sidewalls.
  • Locking system (one/two locks).
  • Possibility of attachment to the floor, wall, and furniture.

The main tests are performed to determine burglary resistance with partial or full access. The class of safe is established by the minimum value obtained as a result of checks. Its definition by summing the classes of internal and external protection mechanisms is not allowed. (For example, the safe of II category, which is installed in a safe room of II class, doesn’t provide the burglar resistance of the IV degree).

Thus, a potential owner needs to understand exactly why he/she buys a safe, how many items will be stored in it, and what their value is. Only by taking into account these facts, you can choose the most suitable product. If you have any questions, seek advice from our experienced specialists.