To begin with, the experts urge to distinguish safes and metal cabinets.

Safe has a design reminiscent of a thermos: a few layers of the walls consisting of metal, with external and internal parties and “filled” with a filler which is high-quality concrete in most cases.

Metal Cabinet – is, in fact, a common cabinet with lock, just made of a steel sheet of different thickness. It is also designed for storing valuables, but it is less reliable than a safe. In addition, if safes must undergo a mandatory certification, metal cabinets don’t do it. They have a low burglary resistant; they are significantly cheaper than and sold mainly for use in offices.

Arriving at the store, you should know exactly what you plan to store. If it is jewelry, money, it is more actual to protect them from hacking, but the documents, securities, family heirlooms and other such things are better to be saved from fire.

There are fireproof safes, burglarproof ones and the combined type. The first one is, as a rule, able to withstand cracking, but does not protect the contents in case of fire. Fireproof safes on the contrary, are effective during a fire, but do not provide reliable protection against burglary. Well, the third option is universal.

The level of tamper resistance of the safes depends on the class that is assigned during the certification tests on two parameters: the type of the tool used for cracking and the time required accessing the contents of the safe. Here an important role is played by the weight. According to experts, the heavier safe is the better it will, so you should better give preference to the heavier safes.

In addition, according to the method of installation the safes can be divided into recessed ones that are mounted in wall, floor and furniture. The first option will be ideal for concealed placement, the offender will have difficulties to work with it as a “take” is impossible, and the place of the crack is not very convenient.

If you prefer the first option, keep in mind that the wall thickness should be at least 10 inches deeper than the box because it is mounted directly to the wall.

Making the choice of floor safes you should pay attention to the presence of structures with which the box is attached to the floor. They may be omitted, but if the owner still wants his chest with valuables to be in safe, it is best to choose to purchase fasteners separately.

As for furniture safes, they are lighter and less burglary. They are installed directly into furniture, such as a closet. Often it is a lightweight metal box with a key lock.

One of the main selection criteria is the lock type of safes: key, mechanical combination or electronic code.

The experts insist that the most reliable mechanisms in terms of operation are key locks.