Today, in every apartment or house the valuables are present: cash, important documents or jewelry. The best way to store it all is a home safe. So-called mini-safes or safe deposit box are quite reliable, especially if they are professionally installed and concealed. To carry out such an in-room safe from the apartment is virtually impossible, if there is a concierge or security at the entrance. And it is very difficult to do out of a private home. In any case, the installation of safe deposit box greatly complicates the task of burglars.

The features of safe deposit boxes are not inferior to a stationary storage of protective characteristics. It is the perfect solution for the transportation of jewelry and cash. These items will protect your property from the encroachments of intruders.

There are models with a plate on the outer door that looks like a stack of books. These pads are used for decorative purposes, and allow you to set the product on a bookshelf. This store is not evident, which further ensures the safety of property.

Features and accessories of a safe deposit box

The rear and side walls of the products are made of durable high quality steel, which determines the stability of the structure to external mechanical influences. The door is equipped with a special key or combination lock. Price depends on the safe deposit box configuration.
The additional devices allows to increase the functionality of safe deposit box, such as:

  • Handles for easy carrying;
  • Steel cables for bonding.

For greater security, a safe deposit box can be equipped with alarms. It does not allow attackers to just pick up and carry out your cash or securities with the vault. The most recent samples have triple protection. Along with the secret code, they are equipped with biometric protection (the mechanism is opened by fingerprint).

There are quite miniature models with dimensions of less than 17 cm on each side. Their capacity can accommodate only jewelry. Bigger safe deposit boxes are more expensive, but they are suitable for laptop storage. Some models are equipped with:

  • wall outlet;
  • automatic locking system;
  • backlighting.

in special models ‘the money box’ is available with cells for separate placement of notes of various denominations. There is a small key lockable compartment for trifles.

One of the important advantages of safe deposit box is that they can take almost no space in a room. And another feature of such equipment is fire-resistance. Even if the trouble happens, and there will be a fire outbreak in the apartment, the contents of the safe will not be damaged. Documents and money stored in it will remain intact. This is guaranteed by the manufacturer.

fireproof safe box for home

fireproof safe box for home

fireproof safety boxes

fireproof safety boxes