Fire is a disaster that can destroy many things in its path in a matter of minutes. Therefore, the company and the home must have a tool that could protect valuables from the effects of fire and water. The best way to handle this is a waterproof fireproof safe.

Any fire-resistant safe is created for only one purpose – to protect its contents from open flames and exposure to high temperatures for a certain time.

All fireproof safes are divided into several classes. It depends on them how long and at what temperature the valuables will remain intact:

B – this equipment will keep the contents from burning during a fire for 60 or 120 minutes if the temperature within the safe does not exceed 170 °C;

D – in case of fire, these models will save the contents from damage for 60 or 120 minutes if the temperature does not exceed 70 °C;

DIS – protects the contents from fire for 60 or 120 minutes if the temperature does not exceed 50 ° C.

The time frame is usually specified next to the class designation.

The conditional division of waterproof fireproof safe into classes

A huge role in the division into classes is played by their design and materials used. In the section, this design of the walls of a fireproof safe resembles a layer cake. When foam concrete with a fine-pore structure is poured between metal sheets. Today, this seal is considered the best for the production of fireproof safes. Its main properties are low thermal conductivity and excellent fire resistance. It’s doing a great job. The class depends on the thickness of the foam concrete. The thicker the seal is, the higher the class is.

Interstitial filling of cavities must be performed efficiently and accurately. If the foam concrete is unevenly distributed, cavities may form inside, which can dramatically reduce the fire resistance of the product.

But you also need to remember that waterproof fireproof safe cannot provide good protection against unauthorized entry. This is because the fine-porous structure of foam concrete is not able to provide serious resistance under mechanical action. Also, another vulnerable point is the thermal lock, which is made with several transitions and has special thermal insulation inserts.

It will, of course, withstand the effects of low temperatures, but an experienced robber will take a few minutes to cope with such constipation. But if you want to protect the necessary documents, valuables, or other important things from fire, there is no better way to do this than a fireproof safe.

Don’t let disasters take you by surprise

It is better to be safe in advance and buy a waterproof fireproof safe than to estimate the material damage from the fire.

The safe can be used not only for storing important documents and jewelry, it can also protect information on removable media from theft, damage, fire, and flooding. The safe usually has a USB slot that allows you to access files in the safe without opening it. At the same time, no one else can get to them thanks to password protection. This is a good measure against robbers, but not against hackers, who in our time are also equated to the former.