Even in our era of ubiquitous computerization of workflow preservation of documentation remains important. Of course, most small firms can hide the paper in the safe. But if your organization has been operating for a long time successfully, there should be a decent sized archive that will not fit in the safe. At the same time it is dangerous to leave the documents without a trusted container. At observance of all safety regulations there are frequent fires, in which papers break out most often. As a result, it is better to prevent potential nuisance and order the metal cabinet for storing documents.

If the goal is to keep important documents during a fire, it is necessary to choose a fireproof safe. It should be understood that it is not always well protected from hacking.

Safe with fireproof protection is a metal box with double-layered walls, between which there is a porous concrete fill. The thicker the layer of concrete, the better the safe will resist heat. In the area of the door opening they install a heat insulating gasket or do a thermal lock. The most expensive models have both these tools.

Any model must be able to withstand temperatures up to 1000 °C for hour, keeping the inside temperature of 50-170 °C. The less the heated internal space is, the higher the fire resistance class will be.

Such conditions are chosen. During the fire in a wooden house the temperature at the center of burning will be up to 700 °C. The heating takes place gradually, and then the surface cools down for a long time.

A fireproof safe is not fixed to the walls and the floor, unless it has a special stand. This feature stems from the fact that any hole lowers the insulating properties.

Fireproof cabinets are designed to protect documents and valuable papers from fire. Fireproof cabinets are a little bit worse in its properties than fire resistant safes that have much more affordable prices. Fire resistant lockers as the archived ones are installed in offices and other premises.

This type of products is designed for a small period of exposure to content the fire until arrival of fire brigade or triggering of the fire suppression system. A fireproof safe is not filled with refractory concrete, because its weight is several times less than the same size box.

The fireproof cabinets come in several variations in size and the presence of options. The options are limited to the options of locks (electronic or key), additional shelves and drawers.