Since 1988, Liberty Safe has been producing safes of uncompromising quality with excellent technical characteristics.


Before getting into the market Liberty gun safes have just a wild amount of tests on fire resistance and burglary protection. The manufacturer has partnered with Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL) — the company of standardization and certification in the field of safety, which conducts all trials. In its work the UL follow extremely strict standards, therefore, a positive assessment from them is not just a result but a sign of high quality product.

Let us consider tests for resistance to cracking, which put gun safes in laboratories. Firstly, Liberty can provide spices from UL, specialized in breaking locks and vaults, with all the technical documentation on the safe — drawings of all site characteristics of all materials and components. Based on the analysis of these data professionals identify the vulnerabilities of the safe, through which there will be hacking attempts.


At first the safe can be accessed with a method of drilling and knocking out the lock. Then you can try to access the contents of the safe with a gas cutter and hydraulic tools which harness and mangle the side walls and the door. If the safe survives, it will pass the test for resistance to cracking.

Liberty does not fool around when it comes to defending values. Here we use only elite production locks of Sargent & Greenleaf, which are approved by UL. Other industry leaders like Browning and Cannon also equip their safes with locks of S&G for the simple reason that they are considered to be the best of the best. The combination of locks of S&G is equipped with a system of relocker blocking in case of thermal or mechanical influences to the recent levers of the lock. If you don’t want anyone to indulge in with a combination lock in your absence, you can use the key lock code.


Locks of S&G TITAN DIRECT-DRIVE, which are installed on safes of Liberty Franklin and other top rated series, combine electronic convenience and reliability of a mechanical lock — opening and closing of the lock is performed by turning the keyboard panel. There is a possibility to connect to alarm.

For lovers of speed and technocrats there is optionally available the equipment of safes with biometric locks that allow the owner to access the weapon quickly and simply — just by swiping their finger across the fingerprint scanner. Just in case biometric lock is equipped with keyboard that allows you to open the safe using the code.