Humanity of all nations and ages is united by a desire to live in prosperity. But this requires the availability of financial support for confidence in the future. Money savings is for supporting balance in times of crisis, for major purchases, repairs, vacations or upcoming wedding, require genuine savings. So buying a safe for your home is a great tactics to protect against losses. Moreover, it is possible to store other valuables, and securities that need to be rescued not only from intruders but also from fire, flood, etc.


What is better: a Bank or a home safe?


A bank, as an alternative to a safe is the facility where our money can work for us and bring additional profit. You can buy a deposit box for jewelry and papers. But in our uncertain world you won’t be given one hundred percent guarantee that you will not lose accumulated. Besides, you can keep in the safe not only money, but also securities, documents, information carriers, dangerous drugs, jewelry and just things that are precious to you. Thus, frequently and for a long time travelling away from home, you will ensure proper safety of all the valuables in the event of an attempted burglary, fire or other force majeure.

Choosing a safe for home


So you definitely decided that this “piece of furniture” is needed, it remains to navigate what safe to choose for the home. On the basis of its purpose, it is already possible to determine the type, size, shape and method of installation. The safe can be freestanding or built-in furniture in the wall. Here you only rely on your preferences and taste. But the difference of safes by type makes you think.

Fireproof or burglar-proof: which box is better


The degree of protection of all safes is divided into: a fire-resistant and burglarproof safe that is the main criterion when it is selected.


So, burglarproof safes provide reliable protection of the content during the attempted robbery of your home. The size and weight of this box definitely will not allow you to do so. Stainless steel casing is protected by a layer of reinforced concrete that is an obstacle for the hacking. The degree of protection of these safes is determined by the proficiency. It will be enough to buy furniture proof safes of I-III class for home.

No matter how strong the safe is, the flame is free to get to the content, so you should know how to choose a safe for the house, to make it withstand the heat temperature. Unlike burglary safes, the space between the walls of fireproof safes is filled with fire retardant. But it has less strength than burglarproof safe. If your home has burglars alarm, it is best to choose a fireproof safe that will protect against rapid infiltration of smoke and fire. The fire resistance class box is assigned depending on the permissible time of exposure to heat, and stored items.

If your property is worth, you can choose a fire resistant vault, which combines both degrees of protection.