Often people keep their assets and material values in the form of jewelry made of gold, platinum, and other metals, as well as precious stones. However, not everyone thinks about the safety and protection of such items. If you need to take care of the safety of expensive items, we advise you to buy one of the high-quality and reliable safes for jewelry and precious accessories offered by many companies.

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Among the presented devices, customers will find products that correspond to a high class of protection against hacking. In addition, some of the proposed safes have additional fire resistance and are able to withstand loads when located near the centers of fire for 30-60 minutes.


Other features of safes for jewelry and precious accessories include the presence of the following types of locks:

  • electronic;
  • combinational;
  • biometric;
  • key.

Most models are equipped with a combined lock that includes several types of protection, which ensures high security and safety of valuables. At the same time, their design remains very convenient and ergonomic for the user.

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Individual jewelry safes have two sides of the same coin

If you store values in it, the risk of theft of values is less likely to thieves. To ensure the safe storage of money, jewelry, securities, and other valuables, you must adhere to the “store eggs in different baskets” rule.

But if you don’t manage to distribute the risks, you need to be responsible for reliable storage as much as possible. Buy a reliable burglar-proof and fire-resistant jewelry safe, and use false safes in accessible places, etc.

Jewelry safes are divided into classes of protection (resistance to hacking). The minimum protection class is the first class. The higher the security class, the more reliable the protection and the more time and tools are needed for hacking.

For an apartment, we do not recommend classes lower than the second class of protection, but for a private house from the third class. But if the content has a higher cost, it is necessary to consider more reliable models and provide protection in the complex (protection of the territory, house, room, security, etc.)

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Jewelry models of the safe can be equipped with such locks:

  • mechanical key locks;
  • mechanical combination locks;
  • transponder reader.

Each lock has its own protection class. That’s why the lock and the safe must be of the same class. Otherwise, they are vulnerable to hacking.

To increase the reliability and the opening time, use a pair of locks. For example: key+key, key + code, code+code. Also, an additional alarm system can be installed in the room where the safe is stored.