Many people keep money, securities, expensive jewelry, important documents, databases, weapons at their houses. Of course, it is unacceptable to put all this in plain view, and trivial placement in the cabinet does not guarantee safety. In this case, you will be helped by the establishment of a home safe.

The thickness of the steel of burglar-proof safes is from 3 mm. Often the body has a multilayered structure in which the space between double steel walls is filled with concrete. In order to drill such a case, the attacker cannot do without replacement of the drill. The additional protection is guaranteed by concrete or sandwich (multilayer) structure of the filler when different grades of concrete alternate. Resistance to cracking also depends on the class of used locks.

There are fire resistant safes to protect money and documents against fire designed. The case also has a multilayer structure: there are thin steel walls inside and outside and a thick layer of insulator (foam) between them. The design ensures maximum seal — the door has a stepped profile and the gasket in the area of the porch, low structural holes. This ensures the safety of the contents in case of fire for 60 to 120 minutes, depending on the class.


Both types of safes have both strengths and weaknesses. Burglarproof safes lack fire protection, fire resistant — burglary protection. So you need to decide for yourself what is the greatest threat to your property — theft or fire. If you are going to store paper and personal documents — buy fireproof safes, if the storage object is a collection of coins, it is more appropriate to buy burglarproof safes.

Every fourth household in the United States has a safe, in Italy — every third. For comparison, in a developing India there is only one safe per hundreds of households.


If you look in the direction of protection against theft of valuables, then the best option for a home safe will be embedded in the model. Firstly, they are compact and will not take up too much space. Secondly, they provide a covert storage — safes that are recessed into wall or floor can serve as hiding places. Thirdly, wall safes are protected with the main wall from five sides; both the massive front wall and the door are well protected — it provides a priori proof and somewhat flame resistant qualities. Among the shortcomings of the embedded safes there is the complexity of the installation; it will be difficult to do in the absence of appropriate knowledge and experience or without an installer.

The box will safely keep all your stuff, they will always be at hand within easy reach, which will allow you to access them whenever you need. Remember that you shouldn’t save on the choice of the safe.