The box is a fairly common form of preservation of cash, keys, valuables, and securities in many offices and private homes.


If you need to store some savings, keys, important documents, or other kind of values, whether it’s jewelry or guns outside the bank, it is important to make a choice.


The safes are divided into several types, which have different installation methods and serve different purposes. For example, the office needs a safe where they store important contracts and other valuable documents. For this purpose the shops of specialized equipment can offer safes with protection against burglary, fire or “2in1”. Any of the suggested safe have their pros and their fans, but they must be certified for compliance, have the assurance and the effective area up to 2 square meters.


Choosing a safe for home, you should define what you will be storing here, because all the types of home safes are small constructions, built-in furniture, wall and decorated with a stone or a tree. Very often, unlike office safes, which are installed in special rooms, home safes can be hidden so that neither your friends nor even family members will know about their existence. For example, a wall safe, that is hidden under a beautiful piece of furniture, painting or mirror. Also one more convenient types of masking a home safe is to embed it into a bookcase.


If you need office safe for storage of valuable papers and keys, don’t worry because unlike other types of safes, this special “helper” is equipped with a mobile file system on hangers that will help you need to change the location of shelves. Moreover “serious” office safes have another storage compartment inside, a kind of “mini-safe”, where you can store main printing and money.


What is the guarantee that your safes for the office or home will fully perform its protective function? It is, firstly and foremost, the obligatory provision of high-quality mounting of your device in the wall or in the floor. This will ensure you the safety of the vault and protect against its removal. Secondly, the correct choice of the castle, which is of three kinds: electronic code lock, mechanical code lock and key lock.


You should also choose a lock for your safe. For example, burglar-proof safes, and are equipped with key and combination locks for extra protection of your documents and valuables. It will be also good to set an alarm — this will increases the safety of the innards of your safe.


There are other varieties of safes suitable for various purposes in various organizations and institutions. For example, hotels will use a special furniture or hotel safe (built-in furniture), which is small in size and light enough. This safe is convenient and easy to use by hotel employees and their customers and it can be quickly dismantled and moved to another location.


Buy safes for home or office only in specialized shops, where you will be provided with a certificate of compliance. Please note that quality safes have a plaque that gives information about the country of origin, data, about the organization that manufactures this type of safes, the confirmation of the type of the device: fireproof safes, burglarproof safes or the combined type, as well as a set of keys.