Even if your apartment/house is protected with the safest front door with the same locks, you shouldn’t store the securities, documents, and money in a prominent place. Special metal safes, providing excellent protection of the entire contents were created precisely for these purposes. However, it is extremely important to make the right choice of a home safe.

It is necessary to determine what will be stored in it. For example, a fireproof model is suitable for storing personal documents and other papers, and the burglar-resistant model is better for keeping jewelry and money. Besides, the safe must be not only reliable but also inconspicuous. You should also know what threatens your property most (fire or break-in) and select the class of equipment depending on it.

According to the degree of protection, all products are divided into burglar- and fire-resistant. Thus, the safe of the first type is intended to prevent access to the content in case of a burglary attempt. In addition, its dimensions and weight will not allow the intruder to take it away. Its body is made of steel and additionally protected with a layer of reinforced concrete. The safe with the I-III class of burglary resistance is suitable for the house.

A fireproof model is characterized by the fact that the space between the walls is filled with a fire-resistant material.

In this case, the class is assigned depending on the permissible heat exposure time. We recommend you to opt for a fireproof option, which combines both degrees of protection.

how to choose a home safe

how to choose a home safe

How to choose the safe for the house? Main points

Of course, it is important to buy the equipment of the right size. This determines the invisibility of the device and the security of its contents. If a safe is required for the installation in the apartment, you should buy a more compact option. The product must be attached properly to the wall or floor so that one can’t get it out of the house. Models weighing less than 80 kg are suitable for use in the apartment.

The selection of safes for the house (cottage or country house) is much wider. It is advisable to find a secluded place for its location yet at the planning or repair stage. This will allow you to conceal the equipment most thoroughly. If the area and number of the rooms allow, you can install several safes, each of which will perform its specific function (i.e., storage of money, documents, and jewelry separately). The large products are optimal for the cottage. Meanwhile, to make the best use of space, you should think about the presence and number of shelves, cash offices, etc.

Installation method

One of the main criteria for choosing a safe is an installation method, which depends on the contents and characteristics of the room. Today, the following types of safes are considered the most relevant:


This is a perfect option for domestic use. Firstly, they don’t take up a lot of space, and secondly, they are well hidden from the public eyes. You can additionally conceal them by hanging a picture or another decorative element at the installation site. However, according to the installation technology, the wall must be at least 10 cm more than the depth of the safe. For example, you can embed the equipment with a depth of no more than 15 cm in a solid wall that is 25 cm thick.


This is another good option for the house. They are ideal for regular operation. Such safes are embedded in an existing or new piece of furniture.


They can accommodate many things; however, they are striking. They are installed in the apartments and houses more rarely since they take up a lot of space and can violate the integrity of the interior.

You can choose the safe for the house according to the installation type only when its future contents are known.