Selecting a safe for an apartment or house is considered a difficult task. It is difficult to recommend how to choose the perfect safe, as in each case, the requests for equipment may be different.

In some cases, the device is necessary for storing cash and important papers, in others – to ensure the safety of important media in the event of a fire, in third cases – as an expensive decoration. You must decide in advance what exactly you need a safe for.

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Built-in safes in the walls for the house

Most of the customers of this equipment want to get guaranteed safety of their financial assets. It is important enough that thieves not only fail to open the safe but do not find it in the house, because with a huge desire, even a large safe can actually be moved out of the building, loaded on vehicles and opened it in more suitable conditions. For this reason, safes that can be built into walls and floors have become very popular.

However, in practice, it turns out that not everyone can buy the appropriate equipment for a number of reasons:

  • Lack of a suitable place for installation of the safe.
  • The need to violate the recently made repairs.
  • The high cost of equipment installation.
  • Unavailability of the necessary equipment in a particular locality.

These points can really have a negative impact on the decision to purchase a built-in safe. However, every situation has its own optimal solution.

Features of wall safes in home use

Built-in wall safes have long been a cult product of the corresponding retail establishments. In modern books, cinema constantly demonstrates how these devices are hidden under pictures, switches, or power supplies. However, built-in safes have a number of limitations that significantly reduce their scope of application:

  • Most often, the walls of apartments and houses are not designed for embedding the appropriate equipment.
  • When the thickness of the walls is up to 20 cm, it is impossible to install a serious safe that can ensure the safety of valuables from the encroachments of professional burglars.
  • To achieve the necessary degree of reliability, it is often necessary to change the configuration of the wall or create a special place for installing a safe.

The above points can turn the cost of buying a built-in safe, as well as its installation in the house into a considerable financial problem. And as a result, you get a very small useful space, since a large part of the free space in the wall will take the back wall and the door of the selected safe.

Furniture safes for the house, is it a box or protection?

Currently, furniture safes for storing money and financial values can be placed in absolutely any cabinet. In addition, when staying in a hotel, many do not assume how you can do without this extremely necessary thing. However, furniture safes also have quite considerable disadvantages. Therefore, it is necessary to consider in detail and analyze the main advantages and downsides of using such equipment in an apartment or private home.

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The main advantages of a furniture safe

The convenience of use such a device is the main advantage. Embedding in furniture is often carried out without any disguise, but these types of safes also show a good degree of protection. The main advantages of using furniture safes are as follows:


  • Small dimensions and hidden placement.
  • A good level of protection provided by electronic locks.
  • No installation required.
  • Quick access to material assets in emergency situations.

In Western countries, furniture safes for storing money, securities, and important items are a cult item that can be found in almost any home. However, in this type of device, there is no way to avoid the presence of some negative aspects.