Buying a safe for storing weapons, it is important to understand that the manufacturer of safes considers a fact that you will install this safe in the most uncomfortable for cracking place: it will be inserted into the wall or the furniture, securely mounted.

In fact, buying any cheap safe with thin walls, the price of which is not measured in thousands of dollars — you will buy a normal iron box with a good lock and reinforced door, protection class of which is zero, i.e. there is no protection. If necessary, the attacker will not take much time to chop up a box of thin metal with an axe or a chisel so that he will access to its contents even without power tools.

But such a thin and cheap safe is enough for convenient and secure storage of weapons at home.

The selection of a suitable place to install safe, thoughtful placement, disguise and the fixing of the safe are able to significantly increase the stability of your safe against breaking-in and theft. Of course, it will do if you approach the question of the location of the safe serious with wit and invention.

You should carefully inspect your home, and pick the best place for safe, to obscure theft or burglary, on the basis of the following recommendations.

Use a suitable niche for the safe storage of weapons.


The manufacturer of the safe is counting on you to find a way to concrete, to build or to mount a safety deposit box for storage of weapons in a cavity or niche in the house and make the safe a kind of hiding place. Find any nook, corner, recess, opening, walk in closet, the gap between bulky furniture or use existing furniture and environment for embedding the safe.


In order to reduce the cost and prices of the safe, the walls of the safe are made of thin metal, except of the safe door, made of thicker material.

Therefore, it is necessary to install the safe in a way to make it not convenient for the outsiders to drill the walls of the safe, there should be no scope for a strike with an axe, there should be difficult to pry the claw, there should be no gaps for slipping the Jack, they should not be able to push through the ropes and wrap the safe around or wrap it with chains on the circle, it should be impossible to shake and tumble down the safe on side.

Bottlenecks and niche in the home are mostly suitable to create the most uncomfortable environment for hacking. You should look for the right niche in the closets, in the attic, the bathroom or the toilet, in the hallway, place the box inside other furniture or old appliances.

If you plan repairs in the apartment, then you should immediately provide a place for a built-in safe.


If possible, do not place the box standing on the floor, and aim to raise and strengthen it as high as possible (on the shelf, a mezzanine or in a niche). Although, if you pour a concrete floor and decide to cover a safe box together, leaving on the floor only one door, it will be a good option for installation.

Keep in mind that if the safe is reinforced at the top, then the cyber criminals won’t easily crack it, standing on shaky ladders with a constantly raised hand because it is much more complicated and dangerous than when the safe is on the floor in the field of view directly under the arms, and you can easily crack it.

Of course, you should not go to extremes and place a gun safe so high that it will be uncomfortable or dangerous for you to use it daily. You should find the optimum, substitute a reliable support for yourself and screw the handle to hold.