How do I find the perfect jewelry box? One that would be the perfect storage for your personal collection of jewelry and could hold the ones you will purchase in the future? The huge selection of boxes offered on the market, it would seem, should facilitate the solution of this problem. But in practice, everything is much more complicated.

We spend hours looking for a suitable organizer for accessories, and when we buy it, we are disappointed: the purchased locker does not suit us completely as we would like. A few tips from this article will help you choose the right storage for your jewelry because you will be able to weigh up in advance all the nuances as well as not previously considered details related to storing jewelry at home.

Typical home jewelry safes with drawers

Conventionally, since ancient times, women keep their gold in caskets, crystal vases of sideboards, or just on dressing tables, namely on countless boxes for jewelry. But the modern women have been using more effective receptacles — home jewelry safes with drawers. This allows you to allocate more thoughtful and more impressive areas for jewelry that you can store in perfect order. In addition, you can always fit a jewelry cabinet into your interior by making it built-in or by selecting the material of the cabinet in combination with existing furniture by color, size, shape, material, and style.

This solution is also more effective in the way that you can store (or not store) deferred savings in such a cabinet: each of the solutions has its own advantages

  • In the first case, your valuables will be more secure in the safe.
  • At the same time, keeping money separate from gold is also logical in its own way: often thieves, finding one stash or safe, are limited to emptying it and do not look for other stores.

Be that as it may, your accessories and other valuables will be stored in a pre-designed safe cabinet in greater order and security than in boxes or furniture boxes.

When designing the interior of the safe cabinet, take care of the detailed development and arrangement of shelves and devices for individual, most convenient for your storage of jewelry. If you have more rings and earrings in your arsenal, don’t forget about

  • hooks;
  • deepenings
  • cells;
  • folds;
  • pockets and mini-compartments for them.

It is much more convenient to store many pairs and sets on a single, open-eye pallet than to have dozens of colorful boxes randomly scattered all over the closet. After all, over time, you will forget and confuse them one with another.

If you like necklaces, beads, chains, and bracelets, take care of high sections: secretaries or high shelves-books, covered with hooks, where you will be able to mark items compactly and accurately, without letting them get tangled together in tangles and knots.

It is customary to place a mirror on the inside of the cabinet door in order to make it easier to try on and find a suitable accessory on the spot. However, if there are too many decorations, this space can also be used for hooks, holders, and other accessories. Take care of places for other, larger accessories, if they are expensive to you or you just want to store them in one place.

So, we recommend that you study your own tastes and personal requirements for storing gold jewelry, browse the Internet ready-made home jewelry safes with drawers, consult with a furniture specialist (preferably with several), and then design with one of them and make the model you need. Of course, the safe will cost much more than the finished box. But you will once and for all solve all the issues related to the storage of expensive jewelry and get rid of the need to buy new and new boxes for your jewelry constantly!