Gun safes are a special specific kind of safes. Their main purpose: to hide dangerous “toy” away from prying eyes to avoid accidents.


According to the law, every firearms owner (a natural person) must have a gun safe or a cabinet for weapons to which there are no additional requirements. There are much stricter things with the possession of weapons for legal entities. They are obliged to keep the entire available “arsenal” strictly in a special gun safe.

In contrast to other types of safes, gun safes most often have neither the fire resistance nor the resistance to cracking. Inside the gun cabinet there is a mount or stand under the arms and usually a separate box for storage of ammunition and documents. Gun safes are available in various shapes and sizes depending on the type of weapon for which they are made. In addition, they can be calculated for both single and multiple trunks.


Dependent on their settings, gun safes can be visible and can be hidden in a closet or mounted in the floor or wall.

Exterior finish of these safes can vary considerably. So cheaper models are made exclusively from steel, but the more expensive gun safes can have a luxurious finish, made of glass or wood. Often they are even encrusted with precious stones.


When choosing weapons, don’t forget to buy a gun safe, you will protect yourself and your family from unexpected trouble.


What do you need to know when purchasing gun safes? What should you pay attention to when buying this not standard item?

Firstly, it is necessary to determine the type of weapon for which you need this item. After all, gun safes, designed for short-barreled weapons will be absolutely useless for long ones. And safes for bladed weapons are most likely, not suitable for storage of firearms.

Secondly, you must decide how many weapons you intend to store in it. Gun safes are designed for single or multiple trunks.

Thirdly, pay attention to the lock. Gun safes, like any other, can be equipped with a key, combination, mechanical or electronic code locks. In addition, they may have the ability to connect to the security system.

Fourthly, you should check whether the selected model is flame retardant. This property is not inherent in all safes of this type; however, it does not happen. It should be noted that the primary fire resistance is included in all models, but only a few of them can withstand really high temperatures (up to 1000°C).

Fifthly, you should check whether the selected storage has resistance to cracking. Thus, you can be sure that nobody uses your own weapons against you. Usually gun safes are either fire-resistant or burglar-resistant. Both of these qualities are combined only in models made to order.

Sixthly, do not forget to ask how to set and display the selected model.


Good luck in choosing!