A floor safe is a reliable and burglary-resistant structure intended for the storage of important documents, money, and other values.

Floor safes for the office are quite heavy and large. However, there are smaller structures, which can be placed at home or in the office. They are attached to the floor with the anchor fasteners. Moreover, being a stand-alone structure, they represent a harmonious element of interior design.

Choose the floor safes for office and home

As a rule, floor safe for home and office can accommodate the A4 or “Crown” folders, thus being a comfortable, reliable, and functional product for ensuring the preservation of values. Office or home floor safe is released with an electronic, key, or mechanical combination locks.

Floor safe, whose price is the most affordable, is made with a key lever tumbler lock of German manufacture. However, the most right decision will be to buy a floor safe with an electronic lock, where special functions for different user groups are available. Office floor safe can be a reliable protection from fire or break-in. The online store has a wide range of fireproof and burglar-resistant floor safes.

Where to buy the floor safe profitably?

You can buy any model of floor safe quickly and easily in any online store by using a special product filter, which displays the main selection parameters:

  • price,
  • sizes,
  • fastenings,
  • type of lock and other information; you can easily select the perfect product.

If you have any questions about the selection of products, please contact the managers of the online store. Specialists will consult you over the phone or online and help you make a choice and place an order. You should also pay attention to the floor safe. If necessary, such a product type can save your space.

Principles of selection and the cost of office safes


Before buying the floor safe, you need to study all the above-mentioned characteristics, as it determines the price of the product. Besides, additional equipment of the safe can affect the cost of the structure as well. For example, office safes with a tracer (a spare cash drawer that can be locked with a key) are very popular now. There you can store the company prints and separate documents. Also, you shouldn’t forget about such parameters as weight and volume, which also have an influence on the price of safe for storing money and documents in the office.


The choice largely depends on the room characteristics, but don’t forget to take into account all the details. Thus, at first glance, it seems that it doesn’t make sense to buy the fireproof office safes for a highly secure building with a fire alarm. However, cases are known in which the alarm reacts late during a fire, so it would be helpful to play it safe. An anchorage will hardly be appropriate in an office rented for a short term. Therefore, safety can be provided because of the large weight of the safe.

Many organizations sell the floor safe, and to choose the most reliable model, you should study the website of the company. Please pay special attention to the availability of certification and product warranty, as well as the assortment presented.