Floor safe

Many people keep very valuable items in the safe, such as money, jewelry, important documents and firearms. The purpose of the safe is to keep these things from the robbers, and in the case of weapons and ammunition -away from children. Some boxes also protect against fire and water damage. The best way to protect your valuables is to remove your safe from the field of view and cloak it. For added security and to ensure that possible robbers would not disappear with the safe, you can fasten it to the floor. Screw the safe to the floor by attaching it to a wooden or concrete base.

Decide where to mount your safe. Find a place that is hidden from view, but it is easy to access in case you need to quickly get to the content.

Open the safe door and find the mounting hole. Most of fire-resistant safes have a hole in the middle of the block. Other safes will have a mounting hole or holes in the corners.

Use marker to make a mark on the floor, where would a mounting hole.

Set aside your safe. If you have carpet on the floor, where you will be placing the safe, use a knife to cut a circle in the carpet, which will be large enough to accommodate the bolt and the mounting hole.

Drill a hole in the floor. Use a drill bit that is suitable for your floor. For concrete floors you will need a drill for concrete and for wooden floors you would need a wood drill.
• Make sure that your drill has an appropriate size. Most wood flooring’s width is 1 inch (2.54 centimeters). For concrete floors, use the size of the bolt, which goes along with a safety deposit box to determine the correct size of drill bits for concrete. If you are not sure, take a bolt into the hardware store and ask the seller to choose the right drill.

Vacuum all the dust that was left from the drill. Vacuum over the hole to clean out all the garbage inside it.

Move your safe at the mounting hole. Align it so that the hole in the safe would be located directly over the hole in the floor.

Insert the bolt through the bottom of the safe into the hole. You may have to hit the bolt with a hammer two or three times to make it fit into the hole.

Tighten the nut ring on top of the bolt several times, using pliers. This will expand the sleeve bolt and attach it to the floor base. Continue to tighten until it is tight and it is impossible to turn along.

Read the user manual or instruction that comes to your safe. There are specific instructions for the model and brand that you own.
Some safes come with several bolts. If you have a safe that requires more than one bolt, follow the above steps for all of the mounting holes. Do not forget to mark the exact location of the mounting holes so you could combine holes and drill the floor in the right places.

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