A floor safe is a reliable, resilient to the bribery safe designed to store important documentation, money, and other values.

A floor safe for office is heavy enough and large in size, but there are less dimensional designs that can be placed at home or in office premises. Anchoring to the floor is installed. Being located as a stand-alone design, they are a harmonious interior design element.

Choose floor safes for office and home

A floor safe for home and office can accommodate A4 or Crown folder, thus being a convenient, reliable, and functional product to ensure the safety of values. A floor safe for office or home is available with electronic, key, or mechanical code locks.

A floor safe, the price of which is most available, is made with key level lock. However, the correct solution will be buying a floor safe with an electronic lock, which offers special functions for different user groups. A floor safe for office can become reliable fire protection or hacking. There is a wide range of floor fire-resistant and hacking resistant safes,

Built-in floor safes

A safe embedded in the floor will ensure the safe storage of your values. The safe on the floor fully embodied the idea of safe storage of values. In addition to high burglar resistance parameters, it allows disguising its design perfectly. Thanks to the application of the thickness of the protective layer of metal up to 10 mm, special elements of fastening, code mechanical locks with increased secrecy, embedded in the floor safe have high characteristics on hacking resistance.

This category of products is mounted to the floor of the room. Its process of installation is painstaking and labor-intensive, requiring special skills and knowledge. The safe can be mounted on the floor both at the stage of building construction and in a fully ready object. It should also be taken into account at the design stage that the design should be well protected from the backside.

The safes are built into the floor, equipped with a code lock, and are used in most cases to save valuable documents, family jewels, money. At the same time, you should buy the so-called bait safe to divert the attention of robbers.

The important advantages of the safe embedded in the floor are:

  • masking capability,
  • compact,
  • a high degree of safety, which is undoubtedly fully realized the need to hide the product from outsiders, save useful space and, at the same time, be able to quickly access and open, for example, hunting safe if necessary.

The safes are purchased for private use and are designed to store material values in houses. Safes are mounted on the floor with anchor bolts and concrete. The positive safe review is not only due to the possibility of using the floor space for the location of the safe, but also the possibility of disguising it.

Protective properties of embedded safes are determined only by their front plate. Certified fireproof safes are not available. The fire resistance of the safe is determined by the properties of the floor and does not depend on its design, but a number of manufacturers of safes use fireproof materials in the construction of safe doors. Such safes are used as a rule in private houses where it is possible to mount them. The safe is covered with a floor-level panel.