A special type of a safe designed to store weapons is biometric gun safes Walmart. The order of storage of combat, sports, hunting, and traumatic weapons is determined at the legislative level.

When the requirements are not met, the instrument is withdrawn, and the owner is banned in possession of such means of protection. Such troubles can be avoided if you buy a safe for weapons and install it with all existing requirements.

Characteristics of the weapon safe

There are special requirements to prevent access to the weapons of outsiders, for the construction of biometric gun safes, to their placement in the room and fastening.

Safe for weapons is a storage place not only weapons but also:

  1.  accessories to it;
  2.  pick-axes;
  3.  fractions, sleeves, wads.

As the rules determine that ammunition and firearms must be stored in different departments, the weapons safe can be equipped with several departments.

Walmart store provides an opportunity to buy a safe for weapons that characterizes the maximum protection against illegal penetration and possession of weapons and ammunition.
Weapons safes are equipped with:

  1.  high secret locks;
  2.  3-third-party locking system.

Safe weapons can be equipped with different types of lock, including:

  1.  key lock;
  2.  key safe lock;
  3.  electronic code lock;
  4.  electronic code safe lock.
  5.  biometric lock.

You can open the safe if you have a key, accurate code or finger entry. You can also buy a safe for weapons with installed key and electronic locks.

Safe for weapons is characterized by increased strength. Its manufacture requires metal from 3mm and above. The more the thickness of metal is, the greater strength characteristics a safe weapon will have.

You can buy weapons safes in Walmart store, in the production of which not only metal was used, but also:

  1.  natural tree (as a sheath for increasing external aesthetics);
  2.  armored glass (thickness of such glass not less than 25mm).

You can buy biometric gun safe Walmart with an anti-slip design “trailer”. This design confronts an attempt to open the safe door with a screwdriver or another sharp object.

Also, steel culinary plates are used to increase the level of protection in the manufacture of weapons safes thanks to which any attempts to knock locks, deadbolts, or their evasion will fail. Thanks to them, you can improve strength, ensure a high level of protection of walls of many safe models fill fortifications.

Walmart company guarantees high quality of weapons safe, providing a quality certificate for each product.

Installation of safe

You have the opportunity to buy biometric weapons safes of the desired model of the best quality. Safe weapons can be installed in offices and private apartments, houses. One of the requirements for the installation of the safe is to choose the optimal place for its placement.

Experts recommend choosing such a place the access to which is minimal. In addition to finding the optimal location, it is recommended to provide effective mounting options. In our company, you can buy a biometric weapons safe of small size and a total mass of about three dozen kilograms. Due to such compact and small weight, the armory safe can be the object of temptation for persons who tend to steal.

In order to prevent theft of safes, experts recommend the reliable installation of the product with the help of anchors to:

  1.  wall;
  2.  floor;
  3.  wall and floor simultaneously.

According to the order of storage of weapons, the owner is obliged to create conditions for storage of weapons and ammunition where no one can access them, use or take.

The rules do not indicate that the safes need to be attached to the wall or floor, but experts recommend that such actions are done because it is the fixation of the safe will help to prevent theft of weapons, especially in cases where the safe has small dimensions.

Walmart company provides the opportunity to buy weapons safes together with anchor nodes for fixing safe to wall or floor.

How to buy a quality safe

It will be quite easy to choose a gun safe. The specialists, based on the desired parameters, will select the optimal models of safes. They will also answer all questions and tell you about the features of the design, variety of the locks, which a safe is equipped with.

We can buy a weapon-proof safe, which is able to impress the presence of the features of the inner finish:

  1.  the bottom of the safe is covered with a carpet to improve aesthetics;
  2.  the safe is additionally equipped with the backlight, providing the convenience of its use.

The range of Walmart company contains a sufficient number of weapons safes, you can buy models designed to store not only one unit of small-sized and large-scale weapons.

The experts are ready to demonstrate special cabinets, dimensions of which allow storing enough weapons in them. You can buy cabinets, the height of which is 2000mm, and width – 1000mm. Such models of safes allow to store up to 120 pistols.

You can choose models of safes equipped with additional storage facilities. Such safes will be equipped with lock mechanisms. All requirements indicated at the legislative level will be followed.