Many people think that they hide their money in safe places. But they think so only before the first theft, and it turns out that almost 95% of “caches” are generally accepted and known to burglars. It takes 5-10 minutes to find caches. Even those who bought inexpensive small safes should understand that the safes are simply taken out with the money, and when they are opened in a specifically allocated place. Don’t believe it? Search for “took out a safe with money” (280000 results given), “stole a safe with money” (379000).

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We do not dissuade you from buying mini safes or simple safes, you just need to understand that ordinary small safes will not provide you with protection from burglars, but will save values only slightly.

What are home small safes and what to expect from them:

  • Safe hiding places.
  • Mini safes are small and inexpensive.
  • Embeddable.
  • Simple.
  • Burglar-proof (they are also called certified Bank safes).
  • Fire-resistant (also have certificates for hacking and fire protection).
  • Specialized deposit accounts.

Safe caches are both factory-made and self-made storage containers. Now many models are available for purchase, but also known to burglars. Before you buy the best small home safe, you need to think through all the details so that the cache is invisible and hidden from the eyes.

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We do not recommend mini and simple safes for storing money. The thickness of the metal walls and doors is usually 1.5-4mm, which means that you will not be saved from a burglar. Use them only in extreme cases and for a short time. Even if the apartment or house is guarded, such safes can be opened faster than the security will arrive.

We use small safes as a hiding place

Built-in safes are also referred to by some as stash safes. One of the disadvantages is the dependence of the safe on the thickness of the wall. But if the walls are thick, the safe will be the most profitable to buy, because the price of the safe will be lower, due to the fact that the walls of the safe will be reinforced with a wall, and not additional thickness as in a free-standing safe.

Usually, built-in safes are equipped with a thick door and lock protection from drilling as in burglar-proof certified safes. If the repair is not made and the normal thickness of the walls, it is better to buy built-in safes. They are used in homes/apartments, as well as in offices.

Burglar-proof best small home safe has a certificate and a protection class. The higher the class, the more reliable and the heavier the safe is. We recommend that you put safes from the 2nd class in protected apartments, and in a private house from the 3rd class and higher. The time to open such safes is time-consuming.

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But the best option will be fire-proof safes. These safes have 2 protections: from fire and from hacking – the optimal solution for storing money and securities, as well as for storing jewelry, wristwatches, etc.

 Where and how else to use mini safes

Deposit boxes are sometimes used in cash registers, offices, gas stations, and stand-alone stores. The advantage of these safes is limited access to the cashier’s cash. That is, the cashier can throw cash into the safe through a slot or a branch, but it can’t pull it out.

Also, sometimes a time delay on the electronic code lock is put. What does it mean? If you enter the correct code, the lock does not open for another 0-99minutes, and then it is unlocked. This is necessary, if during the robbery, the time of arrival at the police facility is 15 minutes, then you need to put a 20-minute delay time. Of course, it is not convenient for a quick opening, but this function is helpful.

The best solution for storing money is to have 2 locations. The first place should be easily accessible, have little protection (for example, simple safes), and the second place can be a secret place and have a high level of protection (burglar-proof or fire-proof safes).