Surely everyone can find valuable items that he can’t afford to lose. And many people are thinking about where to store them more securely. In this case, you need to pay attention to the sound safes. Not so long ago, when people heard the word “safe”, many got in mind the big banks and big storages, that are protected by a large heavy door with a “super lock”, which is almost impossible to open to outsiders, but let alone to crack. Nowadays, such devices have firmly joined the daily life and the word ‘safe’ is no longer meant something huge and bulky.

Large enterprises and other institutions with increasing frequency keep important documentation in special vaults to close access to the documents to third parties. But what if you want to keep the securities and other valuables at home?

But how not to get lost in such a huge range of devices and buy a reliable safe?

To do so you need to know a few rules, guided by which selecting a suitable model will be much easier. As for the home safe, you need to understand exactly where you are going to place the device, since there are models that can be built into a wall or floor, and can be placed in the cozy corner of the cabinet.

Well, if you have to hide not only the capital and investments, but also the safe? And then the options may be set. Starting from cushions and pan in the bedroom chest and ending hiding place built in concrete.

You will be offered to pitch a safe in the furniture, or in the walls and floor of the house. Each of these options is good in its own way and each has the same drawback – predictability. Thief tasks would be: to know that you have something valuable, to find where it is stored, and to open storage. For each of these steps, try to provide the necessary security measures.

Of course, the models that are mounted to the wall, will give additional protection to the precious things by their masking. Therefore, the burglars will not only long-term work on opening the lock, but the long search for your guardian jewelry.

Once you have decided what type of device it should be, it is necessary to pay attention to the lock. Locks can be both the most advanced and the usual key. It is understood that the latter cannot protect as well as modern electronic, however, the price of such locks is much lower. In this case, you will have to choose which is more important to you: the safety of the securities or the price.

You should entrust the safe installation to the specialist. Firstly, as we said, safes are heavy, controlled delivery of such products is a separate art, obligatory for the official representatives of the best brands on the market. Secondly, experienced installers will help you choose the right location for the safe.

best home safe

best home safe