If there is a long-barreled gun, it should be kept in a special gun safe. A gun safe must be burglar-proof.

Does this mean that you have to buy two safes? Not at all. The gun cabinet usually has a compartment designed specifically for cartridges. It is locked with a key and allows storing ammunition and weapons in a single cabinet. Such a separation is called a lockable box.

Features of the device of the gun cabinet:

  • the presence of the locating blocks to secure the arms;
  • the presence of a lockable box for storage of cartridges;
  • the bed bottom is equipped with indentations for your butt;
  • fixing bolts to the wall or floor.

American safes cannot be cheap at least due to the difficult logistics of supply. However, despite the high price, they are very popular in the European market. This success is primarily due to their excellent quality and reliability. The inhabitants of the country are exceptionally sensitive to their own safety, and in order stay on the U.S. market, production companies must meet the highest technical criteria. So, deciding to buy a safe from US, there will be no doubt that this will be really a first-class store, 100% corresponding to its characteristics.

Interestingly, many brands emphasize the reliability and strength of their products even in the very title of the company. Noblesse oblige – and engineering departments of firms are developing new solutions, designs and materials to match its status. In addition, the requirements for certification in the country are very high. The reputation of any brand here consists not only of product quality but also of its history and wish to invest in manufacturing.

Given the fact that Americans pay lots of attention to the security of their property in the country there are produced all types of repositories in the country. The most popular models have a good level of protection against burglary and fire – companies prefer to equip their offices not only with “cabinet” entry-level models of protection, but with a full thorough design. A compromise in terms of reliability is irrelevant – this is probably the correct and the best approach.

Gun safes of the United States are well known throughout the world, and it is this range of products is actively exported to Europe. In a country where firearms are available and legal, the question of storage is very relevant. Exclusive options that are offered by brands have not only excellent reliability, but original design – for example, cabinets designed with precious wood and armored glass, engravings and frescoes. Such models are ideal for the most respectable interiors.